Sunday, December 19, 2010

David K Smith's modern track plans

David is an exceptional modeler and has these great track plans posted for free: David K Smith

My Track Plans
Here, consolidated in one place, is a set of links to all of the plans I've done for myself that were committed to paper (real or virtual) and that I still have in my possession. They range from an N scale starter layout to various experimental designs, from expansive plans that barely made it past benchwork to plans for other scales.
Track Plans for Other People
If you're looking for some track planning ideas, here's a collection of plans I did mostly for members of the Railwire. Except where noted, they're all N scale, and range in size from compact door layouts to basement-filling empires. Feel free to use/modify/reproduce any of these plans.
FAQ: I'm often asked what software I use for track planning. Generally I'll start a plan with AnyRail, which verifies that the track geometry will work. From there, I'll export the AnyRail plan as an image into CorelDraw to add buildings and scenery, and from there into Corel PhotoPaint for final rendering.

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