Thursday, December 30, 2010

Visalia Electric - The SP's gateway to the citrus empire of Central California

Visalia Electric pictures abound on Don's website. 

The Visalia Electric Railroad, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Southern Pacific Railroad, began as an electric interurban railroad in Tulare County, in the U.S. State of California.[1] The railroad was incorporated on April 22, 1904.[2] Passenger service was discontinued in 1924, and the electrification was removed in 1944. Subsequent operation was by diesel locomotive. The railroad was closed in 1992. 

The Visalia Electric used the unusual choice of 15 Hz AC at 3,300 Volts carried by overhead wire, with pantographs on the cars for pickup. Parent Southern Pacific intended this as a testbed for main line, long distance electrification of its own lines in the area, a project that never came to fruition. At one time in its life the Visalia Electric briefly interchanged with theATSF. The ATSF was seen by the Southern Pacific as a rival. So for most of the life of the Visalia Electric only interchanged with parent SPFROM WIKIPEDIA

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