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Welcome to 2011 - Santa Barbara Sub on The SP Blog

Santa Barbra Sub Blog are some modelers doing some great LDE work on their layout.

Layout Facts

Name: Southern Pacific Santa Barbara Subdivision 
Scale: HO
Size: Two car garage 20 x 25
Prototype: Southern Pacific Railroad
Locale: SP Coast Line, California Coast, Carpinteria to Devon
(Possible third level to San Miguel)
Era: 1994 (Possible change to 1964)
Style: Point to Point
# Decks: 2 (possible third)
Minimum radius: 27”
Typical aisle width: 30” (Minimum 25”)
Minimum turnout: #8 main line sidings, #6 off main and in yards, #5 industry spurs
Maximum grade: 2% (3% on White Hills Branch)
Benchwork: L Girder, Open Grid, Shelf Brackets and Thin Walls Also threaded rod supports and laminated 1/8 plywood roadbed for helix
Rail Height:
First level 38” – 48”
Second level 54" to 64"

Track Length:
Main Line approximately 100 feet each level
Branch line 60 feet
Outer - 40 feet
Inner - 90 feet
Total (including staging yards) ~ 422 feet (7 scale miles)

Roadbed: Homosote over Plywood in staging yards, Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, Lompoc and White Hills. Masonite spline for other areas

Track: Code 100 staging
· Code 83 main
· Code 70 sidings and yards
· Code 55 industry spurs

Scenery: (method and %) Hardshell 1%

Backdrop: Thin wall acts as a backdrop. Thin wall is painted blue as are the room walls and ceiling.

Control: NCE DCC - wired and radio throttles

Operating Crew: not operating yet. Estimated 6 -7

Operating System: Direct Traffic Control (DTC) for 1994 or Timetable and Train Order (TT/TO) for 1964

Car Movement: Car cards and waybills.

Train Length: SP freight train lengths are about 14 to 18 cars plus locomotive.

SP or Amtrak passenger trains depending on the time period operated.

Operations: Simulate actual SP operations

Start with 1994 modified “mother may I” dispatching moving toward direct traffic control (DTC)

Start with locals from Santa Barbara to Carpinteria and Goleta

Add through freights – some with block swapping at Santa Barbara

Add limited passenger

Lompoc local to Lompoc and White Hills

Add helper operations over Cuesta if third level is built

Migrate to 1964 using Timetable and Train Order with remote DS possible Computer control via JMRI

Special Features: The staging yards are designed following Byron Henderson’s “X-factor” article in Model Railroad Planning 2004. There are 16 staging tracks (7 east, and 9 west) ranging in length from 10’6” to 11’6”. These are connected to facilitate restaging.

Industries include lemon packing houses, diatomaceous earth, local petroleum distributors, local cement batch plants, local lumber yards, team tracks, agriculture packing houses.

See more discussion in first blog post of June 12, 2009.

First Level Trackplan for SPSBSub

First Level Trackplan for SPSBSub 
SP Santa Barbara Subdivision first level

Second Level Trackplan for SPSBSub

Second Level Trackplan for SPSBSub
SP Santa Barbara Subdivision first level

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