Monday, November 14, 2011


http://www.rtands. com/newsflash/ arizona-bnsf- partner-to- upgrade-safety- at-crossings- 4725.html

The Arizona Department of Transportation will partner with BNSF to 
install new technology to enhance vehicle safety at railroad crossings.

Crossings at Greenway Road and at 163rd Avenue in Surprise, Ariz., will 
be fitted with devices that allow trains to be detected sooner as they 
approach, providing more time for vehicles and pedestrians to clear the 

These new devices, allowing for "advanced detection," as opposed to 
simultaneous detection, will be installed at various locations along the 
Grand Avenue corridor. The "advanced detection" interfaces recently 
completed internal testing to ensure compatibility and reliability with 
ADOT traffic signals.

Both intersections are safe, with neither reporting any crashes 
involving the railroad in at least the past five years, according to 
data from the Federal Railroad Administration. No crashes have occurred 
at 163rd Avenue, which is designated as a "quiet zone" crossing.

Installation of the "advanced detection" devices will be done in 
coordination with BNSF, which operates the line along Grand Avenue.

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