Friday, November 11, 2011

Drive to San Diego today

We are heading to San Diego to see the grandchildren this weekend. Use to be when you would drive between San Diego and Fresno and or Los Angeles, it was quite the rail fan journey. From San Diego to Los Angeles back in the day you would see an occasional blue and gold ATSF freight and the San Diegan Santa Fe stream liner trotting down the coast. Los Angeles was like Chicago, a busy west coast rail haven.

There is a siding (still there) near Anaheim off I-5 where you could get a quick glance of an SP SW-1500 switcher with a string of cars sitting on the siding. The the UP overpass over the I-5 with the yard near by. And then (drum roll) Taylor Yard, the SP stronghold in Los Angeles. From the freeway you could still get a good glance across the river to the yards.

Then the Grapevine, nothing over the mountains until Bakersfield and the great SP Valley lines. The bloody noses MU's making their way through the valley over the black ballast. Yep, use to be a rail fan bonanza. Now not much UP action in The Valley, Nothing in LA and the Coaster from LA-SD is about all you see.

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