My Proto Photo Collection

Old wigwam signals in Fresno 2009

Up Yard Sparks, NV (from Nugget) 2010

Amtrak (former SP depot) Truckee, CA 2010

Grade crossing at Bealville 2006

Caliente, CA (Tehachapi) 2006

Hotshot rolling through to Roseville, Fresno 2006

Fresno UP Yard Tower 2006

On The Transcon in Mulvane, KS

1980 out the car window in Tucumcari, NM on the
newly purchased SP line from Santa Rosa, NM to
Kansas City. Former CRIP.

Fresno on the San Joaquin Valley (Rail America) approaching
BNSF crossing on the old SP Exeter branch.

BNSF operations at Bend, OR

Hoppers on a siding South of Klamath Falls, OR on
the UP Coast Line.

Crossing at Bend Yard on The BNSF.

Old turntable from SP days in Dunsmuir, CA
on the UP Coast Line.

Old SP tank at Dunsmuir

Dunsmuir Amtrak station.

Yuma, AZ yard throat on The UP mainline from
Los Angeles to Houston.
Amtrak station San Luis Obispo, CA
SLO Amtrak station and old SP water tower

UP mainline through Dunsmuir, CA - Old SP engine houses June 2007

UP Coast line north of Cuesta Grade - Santa Margarita, CA Aug 2008

Look ma no hands...I'm at the controls! (see next picture)
July 2005 I was on a crew manning a bare table from St. Paul to
Sacramento. I went from Newton, KS to Hutchinson, KS. I am
holding onto the rail step.

Joe Fugate's Siskiyou Lines 2007

Bruce Petty's Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley

Mark Lestico's N UP Cascade Division 2010

Charlie Comstock's Bear Creek and South Jackson 2010

Mike Danneman's D&RGW N 5x7 layout

David Barrows Cat Mountain and Santa Fe 1999

Fremo group in Europe Southern Pacific